Monday, October 17, 2011

My humble workspace

I could have the best machine on the market.  I choose to have this old faithful friend to sit down to daily.  I picked her up at a yard sale 12 years ago for $35.  I had to let it set out on the porch for a week to air out the cigarette smoke it had soaked up from its former owner.  A good rubdown with lemon oil did the trick and it is my joy to use.  It does what I need.  Plus when I brought it home, I opened the drawers and they were full of supplies and tools, I added up over $100 worth of things I got for $35.  Now that was a PICK  See the wooden tray in previous post, I picked that for a dollar 30 years ago in a barn in Missouri.  It is my official piecing tray.  One last reminder that I DO sew for a living hangs over my door.  Last post for today, Nice Kaffe Fasset quilts coming up later this week,


  1. Well Lucy sent me over and I pretty much go wherever she tells me. So nice to meet you! I have an old faithful sewing machine that is a hand me down from my family...Great Grandmother, Grandmother all sewed their wedding dresses on it. Unfortunately it needs some major fixing otherwise I'd use her... Glad to see someone else appreciates the value of old machines!

  2. Oh, and I forgot to say - I love your title. Ha!

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