Sunday, October 30, 2011

Willie Nelson

It's On the road Again, my boys favorite road song:)  My blogspot will be over with this last post.  i will be focusing on a Facebook business page as soon as I get the time to get it done!!  this will be more exposing to local business for my longarm venture.  I have fun but also keeep an active schedule for my customers, and feel this it the best answer.  Keep on sewing gals, it is very theraputic, believe me firsthand!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

All in a Day

Well, this about says it all, better days sewing are always ahead, mine evened out :)

Sunday, October 23, 2011


imposssible breaks into IMpossible meaning ME and YOU -WE are possible because of spelling and etc:) Yes- I M Possible instead of impossible, how could I have missed that?? Believe it and practice it in all parts of life!  Too bad I am older and could not have discovered that sooner.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Quilt till U wilt!!

Well , today was no picnic in quiltland, take out -take out kept sewing it wrong.  OH well, those days come, and then you wilt BUT tomorrow is another day, and a quilt a day keeps the doctor at bay --mentally anyway ( a little poetry there:)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Finished 1st quilt

Here is the circled outside border quilt in full view, and the backing is awesome blue and green cabbage design LOVE IT.

2nd Fasset quilt

This is a sweet 16 patch from scrap Fasset fabric.  It makes up wonderfully.  I quilted a freehand flower and leaf combination, I took my design ques from the actual different flower and leaf designs in the various fabrics.  I used light blue thread throughout.

Kaffe Fasset Designs

Completed 2 beautiful Fasset designs and fabric collections.  As per customer instructions, stitch the ditch everywhere, OK ,when finished, the outside border had too much open space so I thought circles!! YES.  I dug through my tupperware drawer and found just the right lid for my template.  So simple or brilliant, whichever way you look at it.  I like to think cheap and brilliant.  I live 6 miles from town, I gotta use what I have here when in a pinch. See the filled in result, just the right touch.  I love my cottage industry. Top pic is stitched in ditch, 2nd pic is template in place, 3rd pic is stitching around the template, 4th pic is bird's eye view of row of circles:)

Monday, October 17, 2011

My humble workspace

I could have the best machine on the market.  I choose to have this old faithful friend to sit down to daily.  I picked her up at a yard sale 12 years ago for $35.  I had to let it set out on the porch for a week to air out the cigarette smoke it had soaked up from its former owner.  A good rubdown with lemon oil did the trick and it is my joy to use.  It does what I need.  Plus when I brought it home, I opened the drawers and they were full of supplies and tools, I added up over $100 worth of things I got for $35.  Now that was a PICK  See the wooden tray in previous post, I picked that for a dollar 30 years ago in a barn in Missouri.  It is my official piecing tray.  One last reminder that I DO sew for a living hangs over my door.  Last post for today, Nice Kaffe Fasset quilts coming up later this week,

Changing of the projects

One piecing project moves on, another takes its place, ready for piecing Isn't there a law in the universe that says a vaccuum must be filled?  That is a good quilting philosophy .  The movved on project is sstrips sewn together to cut into blocks and piece alternately to make a nice lap quilt, you will see that later.  These strips are cut from some of my Mom's clothes that were my favorite to see her wear, so that was fun and reminicing for me.  IN moves the wedding ring to have black adorning it.

Part 2 quilt

Quilt #2 of double wedding ring will be different, MY WAY!  I chose black for background and it will be surrounded by these "like-new" fabulous florals  remember they were in a dark closet(under preservation:).  this will take some time with the holidays approaching.  I always have several projects going, remembering an old saying -by the inch it is a cinch, by the yard, it is hard(Zig Ziglar I believe)-  so I keep 3 old yardsticks close at hand as a reminder. Work on the projects an inch at a time to keep it fun.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Out of the dark closet, comes a quilt, or 2!!

A new friend was helping me, and our conversation came to quilts, as usual in my life.  She had a box of pieces she cut out 20 years ago when going through a very hard time in her life.  It became a chore to work on it so she boxed it and stashed it.  While moving recently, she found the pieces.  She asked if I would like to have it and finish it myself.  I gladly accepted her gift.  Upon obtaining the box, it was a beautiful array of colors and fabrics to a double wedding ring quilt.  I laid it all out and found that I could make 2 small ones, one  for me and one for her.  I proceeded to assemble the arcs she had begun many years ago.  I finished it and took it to her, she almost cried.  I told her bad times can still bring something good!!  She loves the quilt and now I can finish mine.  Moral of story?  Never give up on something you started.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Gotta start somewhere how else do you learn??

Well, my English cousin has a fantastic blog, and I want to do it too.  I sew.  I should say I have been sewing since I was 9 officially.  It has been a fun journey, twists and turns along the way.  so as it comes to me daily, I shall create this blog and hope to meet other home sewing divas, make new friends and learn from each other about our passion craft,  or should I say art- form of choice?  I hope to have fun, See you in the "thread".